You Don't Have to Be Famous To Enter

We Celebrate Cool People Doing Cool Stuff in Their Family, Workplace or Community By Rewarding Them With Cool Experiences In Cool Locations On Random Dates Throughout The Year!


Random Nominees (Sometimes By Nominations, Sometimes By Random Decisions)

Random Challenges (On Social Media Or Offline)

Random Winners (It Could Be You, Or It Could Be Someone You Know)

Random Awards (We Decide, Or It May Be By Sponsor Request)

Random Locations (It Could Be Local, National Or International)

Random Venues (If We Determine It As Cool, We Will Go There)

Random Experiences (This Is The Really Cool Part… Anything Is Possible)

What makes it cool?

The Cool People Awards is much more than your typical awards ceremony. It's an agenda-setting, high impact, iconic, all-year-round celebration of amazing everyday people.

We Do Not Conform to A Generally Accepted Pattern of Thought or Action. And So, We Believe That When Things Happen Unconventionally and Deviate from Commonly Accepted Beliefs or Practices, Cool Stuff Happens.

Cool is NOT about the way you look, It's the impact you make on the lives of others. Cool people are individuals we all aspire to be like. They are born leaders who are rule-makers and rule-breakers. They are trend-setters in attitude and action. These dream-to-reality makers are awesome to behold, yet they are friendly, approachable, and do things that make a difference to their world, and they do it with style…

Coming soon...

The Pretty Cool Woman Award

The Cool Mom / Dad Awards

The Cool Son / Daughter Awards

The Cool Grandad / Grandma Awards

The Cool Employee/ Boss Awards

The Cool NHS / Front Liners Awards

The Cool Entreprenuer / Business Awards

The Cool Sports Personality Awards

The Cool Entertainerment Awards

Pretty Cool Woman Award

Nominations Open 14th August 2020

Cocktails at the Sexy Fish resturant, mayfair, London. followed by A Visit to See

Pretty Woman The Musical

Autumn 2020 - The winner and one special guest will join the Directors of the Cool People Awards to experience pre-show meal and drinks at the SEXY FISH, Restaurant in Mayfair, London... They will then be whisked away to Londons West End to see Pretty Woman: The Musical

Once upon a time in the late ’80s, Vivian met Edward and her life changed forever. Experience their iconic story and be swept up in their romance in this dazzlingly theatrical take on a love story for the ages. Brought to life by a powerhouse creative team representing the best of music, Hollywood, and theatre, Pretty Woman: The Musical will lift your spirits and light up your heart.

Nominations Open 14th August 2020

She's Pretty Cool

Tell Us about Her Story

How Do We Define A Pretty Cool Woman?

Hint: It's not about the way she looks!

So, If you think you know of a Pretty Cool Woman who deserves the chance of this Random Cool Awards Experience

All YOU have to do is nominate her!


Cool! Is difficult to identify, impossible to measure, and usually appears spontaneously. Ask someone what it is, they’ll probably reply that they can’t tell you in exact words, but they know it when they see it.

So we simply leave it up to our Cool Council or VIP judges to decide the award winners winner

We have a host of exciting events and experiences for our award winners... Such as a Cool night out at London's iconic Ice Bar, attending the Monaco 2021 Grand Prix, a fabulous Venice sightseeing trip, and much more, culminating with the must-attend 20/20 Cool People Awards Party - (location to be revealed).

Across the Atlantic, supported by our amazing brand partners, the 'USA Cool People Awards' will be hosted by some of the most inspiring people at the coolest locations in New York, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

... and we can't wait to tell you about what's happening in Dubai, the Caribbean, Canada, and Australia.

Has your company ever had the inclination to do something unconventional, away from the norm, something intrinsically different? Maybe you want to carry out an impromptu social media campaign, and you need to have an effective promotion and marketing strategy to hang it on? If so... The Cool People Awards is your perfect partner. This is a stunning opportunity for your business to align with our highly engaging social collaterall, driven by multiple high impact PR, Marketing, and Brand Activation activities.

Why Not become a Cool People Award Sponsor and give our Award Winners a Cool Award Experience... Talk to our people, we have the coolest methodology to maximise your brand awareness through the cool awards sponsorship experience, with creative, clever, captivating marketing.

You choose your Award - We design the Experience - Sponsorship starts from £995.00 and we can also deliver customized packages to suit your budget. Make your campaign local, regional, UK wide or International.

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